‘Roxy Doom’ ⇥ Entertainment and Existensialism Combined

Not your usual graphic novel.
240 pages of pure inspiration.


When Music journalist Travis Travis is hired to help celeb Roxy Doom write her memoirs, all the conundrums from her past and the legendary 1990s start leaking out of the dark.

ROXY DOOM AND THE GREAT CK: They are the couple everyone talks about. He is Generation X Ambassador. She is the Alternative Rock Queen, leader of Noseband, a band that is going to be on everyone’s map. One way or another.Kiss – Roxy Doom and The Great CK

And then, along comes the year 1995. Noseband bassist dies in a fire just weeks after the release of their second and most famous album ominously entitled "Don't Ever Tell Anybody Anything". And the Great CK's car is found in the Los Angeles River, leaving no body behind.
The dream is over. The myth begins.

FAST FORWARD TO THE YEAR 2015: Music journalist Travis Travis receives an unexpected offer. Former Rock Queen turned celeb Roxy Doom wants him to help her pen her memoirs. The only problem is that Roxy doesn’t seem too keen on revealing things, and Travis has a fervent imagination …

"A gripping investigative story."


"I loved the story and found myself speculating on where the characters were headed during the whole read. When I got to the end, I felt free to make my own decision about what had actually happened to them and I liked that."


Roxy Doom winking at you

Oh, but those were the ’90s, when you didn't need to say the 1990s ...


Roxy Doom was created by Martha and Olivia Agostini
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