The Alternative Rock Revolution

All the Alt-rock bands that defined the decade, in alphabetical order.

Noseband, November 1993 <br> From left to right: Camille Bach, Bobbie Schneider, Roxy Doom and Dror Hamilton.
Bad Posture, 1992. <br> From left to right: Campbell Kane, Zac Lutes and Troy Tacker (Photo by Chris Gibson).
The Salad Days at Spellsound Studios, 1993 <br> From left to right: Jess Lepage, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Darlene Roman and Harmony Lamarre
The Paleologists, 1990 <br>From left to right: Pete Simons and Charlie Davenport.
➫ Jimmy Fitzpatrick of The Salad Days, 1995
And if you hover it ➬ : Noseband live, 1994

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