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All‐round Music Group is the world's leading music company.

Attic Us Records is an American record label owned by Moony Music Entertainment , a subsidiary of Moony Corporation of America, the North American division of Japanese conglomerate Moony.

The label was launched in 1967 as the subsidiary label of Cambial Records for the purpose of marketing blues, jazz and classical music artists that did not fit the roster of Cambial Records, but later expanded its scope to include a more diverse range of genres, including, pop, R&B, Alternative rock, and hip‐hop.

Artists who have signed to Attic Us include Jelly Red, Sabrina Paglietta, Cabaret While, and Roberta Jones.

In 1992, actor Campbell Kane was offered a two-year development deal with Attic Us to develop and record an album with his band Bad Posture. The deal fell through as the label didn’t find the Bad Posture material marketable, prompting the band’s decision to record an album independently. Bad Posture recordings are to date unreleased, despite Kane’s wife — Roxy Doom — reiterated statements regarding a posthumous album being in development.

BeMine Records was a New York-based label founded by music journalist Marc Affleck in 1979. The label was known for for not giving artists proper contracts and not spending any money on promotion, but also for discovering authentic underground musicians, such as Chronic Age and The Paleologists.

C‐Section Records was an American record label founded in 1990 by Jon “El Capataz” Bell, and Dice Cast in Miami, Florida.

The label became a force in the hip‐hop music scene of the 1990s, releasing multi-platinum hip‐hop albums by Miami‐based artists such as Dice Cast (Phoney Ceremony), Two Suns (Setting On Us), Mel’ody (Beehive), and 200 Muscles [Gone But Still On (You Crossed the Rubicon)].

By the late 1990s, after the death of its star artist, 200 Muscles, and the departure of Dice Cast and Mel’ody the label started to decline. It filed for bankruptcy in 2001.

Cambial Records is an American record label owned by Moony Music Entertainment , a subsidiary of Moony Corporation of America, the North American division of Japanese conglomerate Moony.

Geller Records is an American record label established by art dealer and collector Tyler Geller, in 1983, and now owned by All‐round Music Group.

Islet Records is a British‐Australian record label now owned by All‐round Music Group. It was founded in 1961 by Bernard Christie, Graham Godart, and Francis Drake in Canterbury, England, and was eventually sold to All‐round in 1990.

Following the sale, Islet was no longer an independent company, but founder Bernard Christie stayed on as CEO of All‐round’s new Islet Records division for ten years, managing to sign many Alternative‐rock acts in the 1990s, including B.K. Larkin and Stereobag, as well as inventing the Aussiepop phenomenon in the mid‐1990s, launching Australian pop-rock bands such as Gnamma and Defo Yous.

Knossos Records is a British record label founded by entrepreneur Cristopher Dudley and Michael Evans in 1975. Soon it grew to be a worldwide phenomenon, signing platinum performers such as The Bluebirds, Jules Stoker, The Salad Days and Two Suns amongst others. It’s one of the biggest record companies which over the years has managed to stay independent.

LoLee Records was an American record label, based in New York City, founded in 1982 by record producer and music manager August "Augie" Brown, to promote African American promising young artists, mainly R&B and jazz, with a mainstream pop appeal. It was named after Brown’s late mother, gospel singer Loretta Lee Brown.

LoLee had its biggest break when CEO Augie Brown discovered a then‐unknown Brooklyn singer called Diane Brown and developed her into an international superstar.

In 1992, Augie Brown also launched the career of hip-hop artist Kevin Julius Hart — known by the stage name of 44 BC. At that point, LoLee became a focal point in the NYC — Miami hip‐hop rivalry that marked the hip‐hop scenes in the mid‐1990s.

In 1997, LoLee lost his two biggest stars within four months. Hart was killed during a supposed robbery at his Brooklyn apartment in February 1997, and in May of that year Diane Brown died of a barbiturate overdose in what was ruled as a suicide.

44 BC’s fourth album, titled Et tu, ..., was released posthumously in March 1997, debuting at No. 1 on the World Music Charts.

Despite being financially successful, in 2000 founder August Brown decided to move to Hollywood and sold the label catalog to All‐round Music Group which continued to release reissues and compilations over the years.

Moony Music Entertainment (commonly referred to as Moony Music) is an American global music conglomerate owned by Moony Corporation of America.

It was originally founded in 1928 as TwoCoasts Record Corporation. Moony Corporation bought the company in 1987, renaming it under its current name in 1989.

N/Logo is an American Indie label founded by Paul Barker and David Willis in 1986, in NYC, NY, expressly to sign their friends Chronic Age and other independent artists from the New York underground music scene.

In 1991 David Willis became the sole proprietor of the record label, when Barker sold his 50% of the business to him and moved to LA to work as a talent scout for TyGM Records.

Oui Know is an independent record label which was founded in 1987 by Gene Maruzzelli in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The label specializes in noise rock and Alternative rock.

Poker-Dream Records was an indie label founded in 1980 in Reno, Nevada, by former stuntman and music enthusiast Francis Silva and radio DJ John Trudeau to help promote indie local acts, among them singer-songwriter Bonnie Davis.

Poker-Dream Records went bankrupt in 1999.

TyGM Records — which stands for Tyler Geller Music Records — was an American Indie label launched in 1991 as a subsidiary label of Geller Records to promote the harder rock acts on Geller roster (in primis Alias/Insane)and sign the new Alternative rock acts blossoming in the Los Angeles area at the time, such as Jelly Red and Noseband.

In 1992, Barker managed to sign his old friends Chronic Age to TyGM, adding the New York underground touch to its roster.

In 2000, the TyGM label ceased to operate. All the retained artists went on to record for the main Geller label, but some — such as Jelly Red — moved to other labels, Attic Us Records in particular.

To date, the best‐selling album in the TyGM catalog is Don’t Ever Tell Anybody Anything, the 1995 album by Noseband, with eight million copies sold in the United States alone.

Vinvan Records is an indie label founded in 1983 in Amherst, Massachusetts, by Noel Papas, who owned the Vincent Van Records music store in central Boston, with the purpose of releasing local bands who wanted to stay independent and be free to make the music they wanted.

In the 1980s, VinVan released many key albums that became vital in the development of American alternative rock, including releases by The Paleologists, Chronic Age and Meadowchord.

Wanna Go is an independent record label based in Los Angeles, California.


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